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  • Corona Virus

    Here at the IT Guru we are still actively working to support all our customers both Businesses and Home Users. We are able to remotely support you and your computer systems. If you need help please contact us on 01454 633269 or you can contact us via the Contact Us page. Stay Safe and Stay…
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  • New Life For an Old Computer

    Have you got an old computer or laptop that is starting to get a bit slow and you are thinking of throwing it out in favour for a newer model? Well stop and read on. We have found that we can breathe new life into old desktops and laptop computers by installing Linux or Ubuntu…
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  • PCI DSS Compliance

    We at the IT Guru Ltd take your security very seriously and as such we have completed the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) validation process, and have enrolled in Trustwave’s Trusted Commerce Program to validate our compliance.

  • Post Comments

    We at the IT Guru value our customer’s opinions, so we would invite our customer comment on our website or a recent visit. If you found something in our website technical section of interest to you, why not post a comment about your experience. This will give us an insight into what you are all thinking to…
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  • Online backup and the risks

    Online backup is becoming increasingly popular among business and home users, but here are some questions you need to be asking the providers before signing on the dotted line. This article is not meant to scare but meant to make you think before handing over your hard earned cash. 1) Where is my data stored?…
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  • Backup My Documents and Files

    Shockingly 9 out of 10 of our home user customers do not backup their documents or pictures not even onto CD or DVD When we asked our home customer what would happen if their computer hard drive was to fail completely beyond repair, their response was that would be very upset about losing all their family…
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  • Windows Service Packs

    Here is all the major service packs for the Windows OS family. The downloads below are the full administrative downloads (the full size files for off line installs). Dont forget to burn the files you download to a CD or DVD so you dont need to download them again! Windows XP Service Pack 1 (size 140mb) Service…
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  • Check your Broadband Speed

    Not sure what speed you are getting from your broadband provider, why not click on the “Start Speed Test” button and see what you are really getting. Powered by broadbandspeedtest This service is not provided by the IT Guru Limited but is provided by for the convieance of our customers.