BT Digital Voice

BT announced some time ago about discontinuing land line services to homes, what this means for you is the physical connection you currently have is being switched over to a digital one using your BT Broadband router. You can keep your existing telephone number, its will just operate over the internet instead of over copper cables.

You’ll also be able to use your existing equipment “Cordless Phones” by plugging the master base unit into the telephone port on the back of your new BT router. If you have multiple phones, then you may require additional “Digital Voice Adapters” (please contact us if you need help with this)

Things to bear in mind once you’ve switched to “BT Digital Voice”:

  • you wont be able to use it for emergency calls (during a power outage, or broadband outage / problems)
  • If you have a monitored alarm that’s connected to your landline (like a health pendant or monitored burglar alarm) you’ll need to speak to your providers before moving to Digital Voice (you will need a different service, your provider can help you with this, or give us a call for advice)

Please contact us If you need any help.

Further Help and information can be found here

The ‘”Digital Voice” help guide can be found here.