Free Software

  • Backup My Documents and Files

    Shockingly 9 out of 10 of our home user customers do not backup their documents or pictures not even onto CD or DVD When we asked our home customer what would happen if their computer hard drive was to fail completely beyond repair, their response was that would be very upset about losing all their family…
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  • Windows Service Packs

    Here is all the major service packs for the Windows OS family. The downloads below are the full administrative downloads (the full size files for off line installs). Dont forget to burn the files you download to a CD or DVD so you dont need to download them again! Windows XP Service Pack 1 (size 140mb) Service…
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  • Free Antivirus AVG 9

    Need an antivirus program but you havent got any money to spend on protection, well dont go unprotected get AVG’s antivirus 9 program for free. This program will give you the basic protection you need. When you have some money you can upgrade to the full version later. Click here to download Provided by