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    • Services Offered

      This an extensive list of the services offered. This is by no means a complete list. We are continually adding new services all the time and if something you want is not on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements further. 01454 633269

      • Desktop and Laptop Repairs
      • Annual Servicing and Maintanance
      • Antivirus & Spyware Removal
      • Hardware & Software Support
      • File Recovery & Full Data Recovery
      • Computer Upgrades
      • Broadband Installations & Troubleshooting
      • Home Networks
      • LCD Replacement
      • Screen Replacement
      • Battery Replacement
      • Hard Drive Replacement
      • SSD Installation and Replacement
      • Power Supply Replacement
      • Power Socket Replacement
      • Camera Replacement
      • Keyboard Replacement
      • Touchpad Replacement
      • Memory Replacement
      • Motherboard Replacement
      • Processor Replacement
      • Fan Replacement
      • Remote Help
      • Remote Support
      • Overheating Problems Solved
      • Memory Upgrade
      • NVMe Installations
      • M.2 Installations
      • U.2 Installations
      • Windows Full Installations
      • Custom Installations
      • Software Support
      • Hardware Support
      • Server Installation
      • Server Support
      • NAS Installation
      • NAS Support
      • Network Attached Storage
      • Home Plug Installation & Support

    • Corona Virus

      Here at the IT Guru we are still actively working to support all our customers both Businesses and Home Users.

      We are able to remotely support you and your computer systems. If you need help please contact us on 01454 633269 or you can contact us via the Contact Us page.

      Stay Safe and Stay Home.

    • New Life For an Old Computer

      Have you got an old computer or laptop that is starting to get a bit slow and you are thinking of throwing it out in favour for a newer model? Well stop and read on.

      We have found that we can breathe new life into old desktops and laptop computers by installing Linux or Ubuntu that is less processor and memory hungry.

      Once installed you can then download programs like Open Office for letter writing and Mozilla Firefox for internet browsing. There are loads of free programs that will work on Linux / Ubuntu, just do a search in Google.

      • Ubuntu can be obtained from Here
      • Mozilla Firefox from Here
      • Open Office from Here
      • Gimp Photo Editing Program for ubuntu from Here
      • Thunderbird Email from Here
      • Need a Media Centre Program get it Here
      • Need to edit Video Try Cinlerra Here
      • Play Music using amaroK get it from Here

      So as you can see you dont need to stick with Windows to get things done.

    • PCI DSS Compliance

      We at the IT Guru Ltd take your security very seriously and as such we have completed the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) validation process, and have enrolled in Trustwave’s Trusted Commerce Program to validate our compliance.

    • Top 15 Free Software Downloads

      Here we have created a list of the top 15 free software downloads.

      They are in no particular order.

      A great program for backing up your precious documents.

      This is a great alternative to Microsoft’s Office package. It is also compatible with office documents.

      This gives basic antivirus protection

      Microsoft’s answer to keeping all your files across your network up to date.

      This is a free alternative to Internet Explorer 8 or 9

      A great alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook

      This is one of the best internet communication programs on the market, and the quality is fantastic.

      Great online maps and global mapping software.

      Great photo editing software with some very powerful features.

      A Great indexing software, never lose the location of a file or email again! Alternative to windows desktop search or Google desktop search.

      Good program to keep out those pesky Trojans and spyware programs.

      This program installs codec’s for almost all video types.

      Can be used to bring back to life those dead or stuck pixels.

      Free program to help to keep your computer free of Trojans and spyware.

      This program can encrypt personal data so prying eyes can’t see. A Very powerful program.

    • Problems Removing .NET

      I had major problems trying to remove .NET 2.0 it did not show up in add remove programs, and I could not uninstall it using the Windows Cleanup Utility.

      I tried this utility to remove .NET 2.0 and it worked perfectly and allowed me to reinstall .NET 2.0, however this utility should be used in extreme cases and should only be used when all other methods have failed. It also works with the following versions 1, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4

      Use with caution, we accept no liability for its use.

      You can download it from here

    • Post Comments

      We at the IT Guru value our customer’s opinions, so we would invite our customer comment on our website or a recent visit.

      If you found something in our website technical section of interest to you, why not post a comment about your experience. This will give us an insight into what you are all thinking to help make our website a better experience for all.

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      The IT Guru Technical Team

    • Protect your Windows Sticker

      We have noticed from our customer machines that the licence stickers on their computer have been damaged preventing the activation of Windows as we can’t see the licence key.

      These stickers can be easily damaged more so on laptops as the sticker is usually under the laptop.

      Here is our advice; place some stick tape over the licence sticker but only use enough just to cover the sticker. This will ensure that the sticker remains in good condition should you need the licence key again. You can also use this method for all licence stickers produced from Microsoft.

      You would think that Microsoft would put a protective covering over the sticker but let’s just think this one through from their point of view. Damaged sticker, customer has to buy another licence $$$ for Microsoft.

    • Online backup and the risks

      Online backup is becoming increasingly popular among business and home users, but here are some questions you need to be asking the providers before signing on the dotted line. This article is not meant to scare but meant to make you think before handing over your hard earned cash.

      1) Where is my data stored?

      This question is very important because if the data is stored in the UK then it’s covered by UK data protection laws, however if the data is stored abroad then your data would be under that country’s laws. Here are some examples; if your data was stored in the US then there is a law over there called “the patriot act” which would give the government full access to your data at any time. Your data could be stored in a country that has no data protection laws and could be read and copied by anyone.

      Is the data encrypted so no one can read my information stored there?  Who has access to my data?

      2) If I close my account will the data be securely deleted?

      When you close your account with the provider you need to know that your information will be deleted securely and will not fall into someone else’s hands.

      3) Do your homework on the company providing the data storage solution.

      Are they a registered company, you can check their details at companies house and use the web check facility to help to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate company. Do they have a telephone number in the UK? Check their terms and conditions.

      4) Space

      Some companies offering backup solutions require that you have enough space on your computer to make a second copy of your data for backup purposes.

      After all as with any purchase make sure you do your homework before handing over any payments. There are some very good companies offering online backups that will be able to answer all your questions satisfactorily.