New Life For an Old Computer

Have you got an old computer or laptop that is starting to get a bit slow and you are thinking of throwing it out in favour for a newer model? Well stop and read on.

We have found that we can breathe new life into old desktops and laptop computers by installing Linux or Ubuntu that is less processor and memory hungry.

Once installed you can then download programs like Open Office for letter writing and Mozilla Firefox for internet browsing. There are loads of free programs that will work on Linux / Ubuntu, just do a search in Google.

  • Ubuntu can be obtained from Here
  • Mozilla Firefox from Here
  • Open Office from Here
  • Gimp Photo Editing Program for ubuntu from Here
  • Thunderbird Email from Here
  • Need a Media Centre Program get it Here
  • Need to edit Video Try Cinlerra Here
  • Play Music using amaroK get it from Here

So as you can see you dont need to stick with Windows to get things done.